adverting on naakl

致全体理事 / 校友 / 殷商达人:

本会为了维持新设置网站的开销 也为了长远的文教,慈善和社团活动基金,和秉持以会养会的方针,凝集全世界各地校友的热诚,热爱吾会精神和支持力量,通过资讯发达的网站和网络,设法进一步改善和提升校友会的财务状况。





Dear Sirs,

We would like to invite your esteem company to put an advertisement in the Ngee Ann Alumni Website to support us to raise fund to maintain the website expenditures and also the culture & education, charity activities to serve the alumni and the community in a long way.

It is worthy of remark for the successful business that you’ve been established through the hardship and created a good example for the alumni and the new NP graduates too. This even can encourage alumni to participate and be involved in their future careers.

An advertiser may provide his / her own softcopy or we can do the art work & design for an advertiser who signs up min. one year contract.



Please Contact / 请联络:

Philip Yong / 杨佐业
Secretary / 秘书
HP: 016-2266 169