what is a modern man

Writer: Steven Lee Kia Juan / 李家源

 A modern man is the one who is full of activities and he is so busy with his business of earning for a living that he never has time to live!
Believe it or not?

Now with the fast speed of air travel, rockets, trains and cars that have brought man restless lives in a fast track kind and what is the end result? Sicknesses and ill health!

So a modern man needs to take care of his health really really seriously!
As a human being, the human nerves just cannot stand the pace at which he lives today.
Many of man's modern diseases, such as heart, stomach and skin troubles are caused by the stress exerted on the nerves by this pace.
Nevertheless all the time, the modern man has to be on the go!
Remember, the modern man always says: Go! Go! Go!

As business is making great demands on him, he rushes here and there. He has no proper rest. He snatches a hasty meal and dashes off again.
He has little time in bed. Just as he is about dropping off to sleep, he leaps out again after the alarm goes!

The world is too much with him. He has practically too little time to sit with one another for a cup of tea, to eat at leisure, to study the world and its wonders and to discuss things at ease..........

A hundred years ago, or even fifty years ago, there was a slowness and steadiness about things. Ask anyone who is above 60 years old and he will be able to tell you the story.
A man could travel on foot or horseback at a relatively sedate pace and he could take his own sweet time over it.

However with this sudden speed up of life, it is hard to imagine how the body cells, could suddenly be forced to try and keep up with the pace? When the body cells are unable to cope with the situation, it will take refuge in a breakdown, a heart attack or a stomach ulcer!

Every little incident disturbs a modern man's mind. He always sees the darkness and misery but not the grand beauty and the real nature of this world!
He tries to keep up with his appearance, works hard for a pathetic reward, and try to feel important when it succeeds.
But when it fails, he pretends that he doesn't mind or to treat it as if nothing happens.

The malady of this modern man is that he suffers from too much of actions. Action after action!

It is like he has to have action, more action and still more action that eventually punctuates his life from his baby cradle to his eventual grave! What is the use of being a modern man?

He can hardly spend even five minutes in a state of silence in action. He is like a constant roar of the machine he invented, making himself sort of a nuisance as well as to the society. His mind and body soon becomes weakened and haggard, and finally fritter away the useful energy and resources.........What a waste!

Besides this, today's modern man has enmeshed in all sorts of ideas, views, opinions and ideologies both wise and foolish from the power of the media, such as the
e-media we have now. It has inadvertently escalated our normal pace of life!

Last but not least it is a man's duty to look from all angles, be it materially, socially or culturally. There are so much more opportunities for achievements, so much greater in work returns and the amenities are numerous. So slow down baby, slow down and enjoy your life while it is still on-going! 



 steven lee

~ Steven Lee @ 李家源 ~

Life is like a journey.
When you are born, it is your ticket to ride.
With the ticket, you have the license to travel.
Along the way, you pick up things, good or bad.
You get to know the environment, the people and things around.
You get involvements, socializing and planning.
Life gets more complicating.
You fight for it.
You build your dream castle.
You enjoy life.
You have all the commitments in life!
Finally you get down from the train that takes you through the journey of life!

There is a Chinese saying: Journey of a thousand miles begins with a humble step.

从争取成功晋级 大学资格说起

liew chek yee 

~ 刘卓义 @ 刘霖 ~





  但是,天有不测风云,在良好的学习环境里,却爆出一批马来极端份子,包括一小撮大学当权的马来教授及见识浅薄的马来同学,先在大学自由论坛里、大学评论会里,大肆攻击一些华裔的南大、义安、台湾各大学及美国毕业的华裔毕业生,预谋地想从马大将我们轰出。在不得已的情况下,当时马大翁姑亚兹校长,教育系系主任,都紧急召见我们,与我们对话共三回合。当时我们这批二、三十位同学,除了一两位开始不攻读外,但大部分始终站稳立场,寻找对策,本人被推举为义安、南大等同学首领,再次负起带头任务,收集资料,里外奔走,会见当时担任马大评议会的首席主席敦苏菲安联邦大法官、黄木良律师,姚裕福同学等。黄律师还答应要为我们义务在法律程序上争取公平合理的对待,不收一文钱,使我们深受感动。大法官则说,大学之门打开,让我们有资格的进来,如今却要赶我们走,不要让我们攻读教育文凭,真是本末倒置,且预祝我们这一批同学,一定会胜利。果然,邪不能胜正,在大学当局召开数次评议会的结果,还是让我们继续攻读完教育文凭科系(Diploma Education)也考获教育文凭。


  在争取的过程中,我们也有考虑 (一)放弃,打回原形,永远在那些讲过我们的人面前抬不起头,   (二)就是抓紧拳头,咬紧牙根,以争取公平的待遇,奋斗到底,不可退缩,来达到固定的目标。





  直到2012年初,我们这批义安、南大、台湾、美国等各大学受训的老同学也是最后一批进入马大接受教育文凭(Diploma Pendidikan)受训的老师,老同学,一些至55岁退休。另一些则至60岁退休。但是退休后大家在一起时,难免都有一个共同的感触,共同的意念,那就是要感谢我们的黄木良义务律师多年来为我们的奋斗,打拼,争取合理,公平的待遇,使我们难以忘怀。








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