Ngee Ann Alumni Malaysia was successfully registered on 8/7/1995 and it is opened to all the graduates from the Ngee Ann, be they from any of the three ‘generations’. Our objectives are :

  1. to foster a harmonious relationship among members.
  2. be concerned with the national developments.
  3. to serve the social communities.
  4. to aid the cultural and educational well beings of the Chinese Independent Schools.
  5. to upkeep the good work and reputation of Ngee Ann in Malaysia.

For the past 16 years, The Ngee Ann Alumni Malaysia has been under the leadership of our President, Mr. Bernard Lau Kim San. All the Committee Members are cohering very well with each other and rendering their contributions earnestly to the society that include the community services, charitable and financial contributions to the Independent Chinese Schools, organizing forums and group-tour activities…….etc.

Our source of income is mainly from the sponsorships and the donations from the Committee Members and the Alumni. Even though we do not have any sustainable income, but we still earnestly sponsor and contribute our services to some Cultural and Educational Organizations, namely, The Southern College's Torch Run Event with RM 10,000 and the financial sponsorships to the New Era College, Jsun Jin Chinese School, Confucian Chinese Independent High School, SJK (C) Chung Kwo Primary School and SJK (C) Sin Ming Puchong Primary School each, with the range of  RM 1,000 to RM5,000 donations.

Meanwhile our Association also participated in charitable activities, such as fund raising through the local press media of Sin Chew Jit Poh and Nanyang Siang Pau, helping the disaster victims of China, viz. : 1) Contributed RM5,000 to the China's snow storm disaster victims (12/3/2008); 2) RM14,000 to the China's Si Chuan earthquake victims ( 31/5/2008 ); 3) RM7,200 to the poor school children adoption in China (13/11/2007) and 4) Again RM8,000 to the poor school children adoption in China (28/3/2010). In fact, these honorable gestures have elevated the reputation of Ngee Ann Alumni in Malaysia.

At the moment we have 177 members of whom 4 had departed with sad memory, viz.

  1. Lee Kuan Sang (George) – Departed 8/1/2011
  2. Goh Chon Yong (Aaron) – Departed 9/11/2010
  3. Yap Piah – Departed 18/10/2010
  4. Choong Yoon Choi – Departed 4/10/2010.

We warmly welcome all graduates who are working and residing in Malaysia to join us as members of Ngee Ann Alumni Malaysia. You will be glad to meet some Ngee Ann guys and get to know some of their successful stories both in their careers and business too.

Application for the membership is simple and straight forward, just by filling in the membership form attached with the life membership fees of RM 100 only.